Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

Key Selection Factors in Choosing a Boston Criminal Lawyer
to Handle Your Criminal Case in Boston, Massachusetts

By Attorney Francis T. O’Brien Jr.

The following is an article about considerations you will face when choosing a criminal lawyer. For more information please contact Francis T. O’Brien Jr.

A Boston Criminal Lawyer Who Respects Your Case and Your Wishes
Experience Matters When Choosing a Boston Criminal Lawyers
Knowledge of Boston Criminal Law and Legal Reputation
A Boston Criminal Lawyer Who You Can Trust
Accessibility to Your Boston Criminal Lawyer

A Boston Criminal Lawyer Who Respects Your Case and Your Wishes

The decision regarding your choice of a Boston criminal lawyer should involve consideration of the following important factors; Respect, Experience, Knowledge, Reputation, Trust and Accessibility. Your relationship with your criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important relationships that you will have in your life. You need to be confident and comfortable that of all of the criminal lawyers in Boston, your criminal lawyer is one that you can trust to follow and respect your wishes at each step of the process. Your case is unique and your wishes need to be respected. Your criminal lawyer should fight for you and your freedom.

Experience Matters When Choosing a Boston Criminal Lawyer

The legal system is vast and complex. In order to be effectively represented, you need a criminal defense lawyer who has experience within the criminal legal system. Francis T. O’Brien Jr. is a criminal lawyer with more than twenty years experience in the field of criminal law. His experience has taught him to pay attention to the fine details of the law and continually develop his expertise. While concentrating his criminal defense practice in the state and federal courts of Massachusetts, Attorney O’Brien has also handled matters in more than twenty states throughout the nation.

Knowledge of Boston Criminal Law and Legal Reputation

Never underestimate the case against you. There are many fine nuances to the legal system, involving the criminal courts, judges, prosecutors, police, probation officers and clerks among others. A competent Boston Criminal Lawyer should always know the next move and should deal with the facts of your case as favorably to you as possible This requires an understanding of the courts and an understanding of the law. It goes beyond a simplistic analysis of “who does the attorney know?” Too often criminal defendants make the critical decision on legal representation based upon naive perceptions that favorable results can be obtained by virtue of factors such as a lawyer’s office is located close to a particular court, or that at some point earlier in their career an attorney worked for the District Attorney’s Office, or similar, essentially irrelevant, factors. While the importance of being familiar with the judges, prosecutors, police and clerks of various courts, is undeniable, there is no substitution for the respect that can only be earned by performance in the courtroom.

When a defendant has a criminal lawyer who has knowledge of criminal law and a proven track record within the court system, a criminal defendant puts himself in a position to secure the best possible results. Judges, prosecutors, probation officers, police and juries know when a criminal defendant is being represented by a knowledgeable and experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer, a lawyer who is a zealous advocate and a worthy adversary, and who has earned their respect.

A Boston Criminal Lawyer Who You Can Trust

Our judicial system is not perfect but it is the best and the fairest system in the civilized world. It is also a system that is being constantly developed. In the criminal courts constitutional principles that were developed during the infancy of our nation are applied to modern day criminal scenarios on a daily basis. Even for the simplest crimes, laws are being continually reviewed and interpreted by the judges in Boston. Every week new decisions come down that deal with the modern day interpretation of our constitution. The courts rely upon criminal defense lawyers to insure that criminal defendant’s rights are being fully protected. As a criminal defendant you need to be confident that your Boston criminal lawyer is on the cutting edge of developing criminal law.

Francis T. O’Brien Jr. enjoys the challenge of being a Boston criminal lawyer and representing criminal defendants in the Boston courts. It is an awesome responsibility for a Boston criminal lawyer to have someone’s life in his hands. Francis T. O’Brien Jr. represents people who are in trouble and helps them every day.

Accessibility to Your Boston Criminal Lawyer

One final thing to remember when choosing your Boston criminal lawyer is that a criminal defendant needs to be certain that the criminal case gets the attention it deserves. You must be confident that your Boston criminal lawyer can handle your case and can effectively represent you. It doesn’t matter how polished the lawyer is – if your criminal defense lawyer doesn’t spend enough time with you, your case will suffer and possibly will be decided against you. To get the best representation you need to hire an attorney whose primary interest is in serving you and your case.

If you want the most successful outcome from your Boston criminal lawyer you need someone who is accessible 24 hours a day. While actual court appearances occur during normal weekday working hours, many aspects of your defense need to be addressed outside of the 9 – 5 timeframe. Most arrests occur at night or on weekend and you will frequently want to communicate with your lawyer during “off hours.” Your Boston criminal lawyer needs to be reachable by cell phone 24 hours a day. Francis T. O’Brien Jr. is someone who is going to be available as your case proceeds. Don’t settle for anything less than the best criminal lawyer in Boston and get the best results for your case. Call Boston Criminal defense lawyer Francis T. O’Brien Jr. today.

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