Salem Motor Vehicle Infringements

Boston Clerk’s Hearing Report

JURISDICTION: Salem District Court




The defendant was alleged to have committed the following offenses:

1. Unlawfully Attaching Motor Vehicle License Plate

2. Motor Vehicle Registration Violation

3. Unlawfully Abandonment of a Motor Vehicle

The application for the criminal complaint alleged that the defendant unlawfully abandoned her motor vehicle in a Shaw’s parking lot.  Further, the application alleged that the defendant then illegally attached an invalid license plate to a separate vehicle, so that two motor vehicles had the same invalid license plates attached thereto.

Therefore, the defendant was required to attend a clerk’s hearing at Salem District Court so that a clerk magistrate could determine whether probable cause existed to issue a criminal complaint for said offenses.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer successfully argued that the criminal complaint should not issue.


Application for criminal complaint denied.  Therefore, no record of the allegations shall appear on the defendant’s CORI.