Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing fraud usually involves scams over the telephone where one falsely claims to be collecting money for charity, a political campaign, loan or tax payments, prizes, timeshares, sweepstakes, investments, products or more. The person can then get credit card information, social security numbers and other important personal information and never really deliver on whatever was promised. The penalties for telemarketing fraud can be extremely severe. They are heightened when the charge is a federal one and the scam targeted senior citizens because studies have shown that between 56 and 80 percent of these types of scams are directed at the elderly.

Every year, Americans lose $40 billion because of fraudulent telemarketing schemes. As such, telemarketing fraud isn’t taken to kindly, and you will need to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been charged or suspect that you are being investigated for telemarketing fraud.

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