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Do you need a Boston drug lawyer? Have you been arrested for a criminal drug charge such as drug trafficking or drug possession? Is there a drug informant that has helped to make the case against you?

Not all cases with informants stand up in court. You need to have a Boston criminal drug lawyer who understands the legal standards which apply to the use of informants in drug cases.

Many drug cases arise from police using cooperating witnesses or confidential informants. Generally, these are people who have been arrested and have sought favorable results for themselves as a result of cooperating with police. They have worked with police to target other individuals for prosecution.

Most often informants are trying to secure beneficial results for themselves in their own criminal cases, or are receiving monetary payment for their information. Therefore, there is great incentive for informants to lie.

There are common misconceptions about the use of informants. While it is not illegal to use informants, there are constitutional and other legal criteria that must be followed by the police when using informants. A knowledgeable Boston criminal drug lawyer knows when the police have not followed the proper procedures regarding the use of informants and may be able to prevent the results of the investigation from being used in court.

If you are charged with a drug offense, it is important that you have a lawyer who has experience dealing with informants. A knowledgeable Boston criminal drug lawyer will be able to determine if a case involving the use of an informant should be dismissed.

There is often confusion about whether an informant must appear in court and be identified and subjected to questioning by the defense, While there are laws designed to protect the police and use of informants, there are also laws designed to protect the constitutional rights of the defendant. It is imperative that a defendant in a criminal drug case has a lawyer who understands these laws. Often police will promise informants they will not have to appear in court or have their identity revealed. This creates a scenario that may encourage informants to lie and fabricate evidence. In addition, there may be instances where the police have fabricated the existence of an informant. Typically judges do not know who the informant is and, often, even the prosecutor doesn’t know. They rely upon representations made by the police concerning the use of informants. A knowledgeable Boston criminal drug lawyer knows how and when to argue that an informant should be produced in court in order to expose false information.

If the defense attorney is successful in convincing the court to order that the identity of an informant be revealed, and the prosecution or the police refuse to identify the informant, the charges will be dismissed. In each drug case involving the use of the informants, we evaluate whether there are constitutional issues regarding the use of informants.

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