Brookline Leaving Scene of Property Damage Accident

Boston Clerk’s Hearing Report

JURISDICTION:     Brookline District Court




The defendant was alleged to have committed the following offenses:

1. Leaving Scene of Property Damage Accident

The application for the criminal complaint alleged that the defendant was operating a friend’s motor vehicle, when she crashed into a parked vehicle causing damage.  A witness reported to the Brookline Police Department that the defendant and her companion exited their vehicle after the crash; they inspected the damage; then, returned to their vehicle and left the scene without reporting the accident.

Therefore, the defendant was required to attend a clerk’s hearing at Brookline District Court so that a clerk magistrate could determine whether probable cause existed to issue the criminal complaint for Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident.

Citing mitigating circumstances, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer successfully argued that criminal complaint should not issue.


Application for criminal complaint denied.  Therefore, no record of the allegations shall appear on the defendant’s CORI.